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Resolutions 2007, Tony Style

Last year's resolutions:

[lol, no ]Weigh a solid 180 with a 6-pack.
[X]Figure out something with my hair, I don't like it

[ ehh, maybe]Be nicer in general, more respectful. To friends as well as people I don't like/know
[X]Make 5 new friends - that i didn't know before
[X]Be loved by my friends, family and myself(most importantly)
[X - although not to the extent that I wanted] Practice Chivalry
[X]Be more mature
[ ]Swear less

Things to do:
[Still... working on it] Get my Eagle
[X]Figure out my top 3 colleges
[no, but i beat XII] Beat FF IV/tactics/IX(maybe)
[ ]Read the whole bible
[ ]Sleep outside with no tent/shelter
[X]Road trip
[X]Climb that damned tree
[ ]Make something special for someone
[ ]Make a difference in someone's life.

All in all, my 2006 resolutions were about 8/17, so i'm hovering at about an F-  woohoo!  But then again, I didn't really expect to do or keep all of them.  I'm still kind of proud of myself.  2006 was an alright year for me.

Enough about the past, time to write the future:

Resolutions 2007

[ ] Get in shape... seriously.  AKA run and lift with anyone I've talked to about it (Corey, Cafern, Lehla, whoever)
[ ] Don't shave my chin
[ ] Don't get a haircut until thanksgiving break (maybe, I kinda like my hair this length)
[ ] Get a new pair of glasses that are less breakable

[ ] Again, swear less
[ ] Learn to speak at a level above 6th grade
[ ] Become a better friend to the friends I have: be able to call people my best friend(s) and know without a doubt it's true
[ ] Focus more - stop being such a space cadet

Things to do:
[ ] Get to bed earlier on weekdays (less night time video games/tv)
[ ] Get a job
[ ] Figure out the perfect college, and go to said college
[ ] Become proficient with the mandolin
[ ] Learn another instrument, possibly bass
[ ] Road trip over the summer
[ ] Sleep outside with no tent/shelter
[ ] Climb the tree again :3
[ ] Have the best grad party ever to be had
[ ] Eat less candy, drink less pop

Good luck everyone on your resolutions, I hope you all have a great 2007!
I just recieved word that I was accepted at Rose-Hulman, making it two colleges that want my body.  Couple that with a B on a government test and an A on my math test, and I'm starting to have a good quarter.
I picked the wrong day to get nostalgic

Survey survey!

I don't do too many survey type things, but I like this one.  my life, just like my iTunes, is normally on random, so here we go.

Anyone else think that senior year is going to kick some major fuckin ass? Because I do. My schedule is even harder than it was last year, and I havn't really gotten any better at studying so I'm not saying I'm ready for it, but it certainly does promise to be a fun one. I've got at least 1 of my good, good friends in all of my classes, except for math - but I know almost everyone there and I sit next to Sam Snow, Taylor Williams, Dan Rubin, and Tom Stoughtan (lol, spelling), so It'll be good fun too.

I contemplate if I'm the only person that looked up to the seniors, even last year, with wonderment - like they were somehow, not superior, but deserving of more respect. When I walk through the halls, I recognize less people than I did for the past two years, and I can't help but feel the halls are empty (despite the overabundance of underclassment biting my ankles). That raises yet another question: do any of the underclassmen look up to me with that kind of respect? All of the graduates that I became friends with, I would defend in a heartbeat - would any of my little friends have the same type of fervor to defend MY name? In hopes that there actually are underclassmen that look up to me, I should try to be a more deserving person of their respect. Sometimes I can be such an ass, lol. I also want to get to know more of them on more than just a first name basis, but I'm, as you all know, not a very conversational person.

I've still got a lot of shit to figure out, as does everyone, i know -_-. College for starters. I should really do some applications this weekend, especially if I am going to apply to like 7 colleges like I plan on.

Enough of that: Rob Zombie is comin to Bogarts on September 11 - I havn't gotten a ticket yet, but I will by the end of the week. Also, I THINK I'll be getting a group together to see Beer Fest on saturday. Let me know if you're interested.

Honest Bob is making me sick, lol. All their songs are love songs -_-

Anyways, goodnight

ps - Don't you hate it when people act one way about half the time, and then a different way the other half?

Aug. 23rd, 2006

liek omg bai2u summer T_T

liek omg hi2u school T_T
Hey guys. I guess I don't update too much anymore, but that's fine with me. I've been busy or out of town so much this summer that writing on this thing has been nigh unpossible. I visited some colleges, went canoeing, went to camp, hung out with you guys and I had a great time doing it. I also got to think through my life a little, which was nice, and I got some help from some of you, so you're all amazing. Sometimes it's so hard to just take a step back and look at your life from a 3rd person perspective, but I reccomend it. Summer is a perfect time to do it, too.

Aww, whatever, just have fun with your summer/life, you only get to live it once. My summer has been one of the best I've ever had, and I hope yours have all been great too.

Well, I'm out again, I'll see some of you tomorrow bright und early. Some of you I won't see until school. Either way, goodnight.
Well, i'm gone for about a week, so I'll see all of you later. Remember guys: it's summer! So have some fun, dammit!


ps: Happy (1 day late) Birthday Laurs


I just got a DS Lite! Can I borrow some games, please? lol