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I love my school.  I don't love my school's financial aid department.  Last year, I was given a bunch of grants in addition to a scholarship that I won, paying for a great deal of my school's overinflated bill.  This year, they decided that "sophomore are getting less money", so they aren't giving me any grants.  What they've done is reeled me in with great financial aid and boned me.  Boned me hard.  I'm angry.


Jul. 11th, 2008

Wow, I knew that my foreman reminded me of someone and now I know who.  Carl from ATHF.


 Why is there an advertisement for gay bear dating on my livejournal?!


Hello!  For everyone who cares, and doesn't know yet, I'm working at Bluesky Landscaping full time.  I'm workin monday through friday, and on saturdays that I feel like it, from 8 until upwards of 6.  Yes, 10 hour work days.  I've had two of them so far.  Last week, my first week, I worked wednesday through saturday, and I clocked 33.2 hour after having 45 minutes * 4 taken off for lunch.  

Long story short: I'm working a lot!

It's pretty cool too.  I used to work with a half-mexican half-german ex-convict, but he moved back to texas.  Now all I'm working with is a 40-50 year old creeper kind of fella.  I don't think he likes me, since I don't like joking around or talking too much while I'm at work which is only enhanced by the fact that I think he's really, really creepy, but I work really hard, so he pretty much has to stand me.

Ba ha ha ha!  

Roxx opens soon, and I am excited!

Damn I love !ing! 



School is almost over, and it's a bit scary.  Freshmen year went by incredibly fast.  I hope that the rest of college is slower.  My last day of classes is monday and my last exam is on the 6th, so I'll be home for the summer pretty soon.  

I switched my major recently from bme to chemistry, and I plan on going to dentistry school and becoming an oral surgeon.  Huge change, right?  It took me a lot of thinking and planning an questioning myself be come to the conclusion that I wanted to go to dentistry school.  A big factor in that was not my ability, but rather in the question, "Is it going to help people and/or better society?".  Becoming a biomedical engineer has obvious and palpable benefits that it can lend society, but does oral surgery?  Well, of course people need surgery in emergencies and need their wisdom teeth taken out and all that jazz, but can't other people do that?  In regards to that question, other people, better suited for research, can also become bmes.  I feel justified in my new path.

While discussing my choice with a couple people, one of them being a cross country wanderer computer whiz, the consensus is that I would make a pretty good oral surgeon.  I agree.

Tangentlol.  Anyways, schools almost out and I'm getting decent grades.  I can't wait to see all my friends when they all get home!

First update in a long time!

I'll keep it short.
Ozzy's new CD came in the mail today, and with it my redemption coupon to get 2 free tickets to Ozzfest.  Needless to say, I'm excited.



Okay, so for my Case ID card, I get to upload my own picture.  Rock on!  Only problem is, I don't have too many cool pictures of myself that really qualify for such a task.  HERE'S WHERE YOU COME IN!  If you have any pictures of me, gimme gimme gimme.  The winner gets a cookie.
Wow... I may end up at the university of Texas....

Another weird dream

So every once in a while I remember one of my dreams.  Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're WTF, and sometimes they're just... weird.

Kay, so I took a nap today, and in the dream I had were a nun and a priest.  A priest that was a vampire.  Apparentlypriests that are vampires get to have one night stands each and every Friday while nuns only get to have husbands.

There's more, but I don't have time to explain it all.

ps:  There was no indication that he was a vampire (no teeth, no battyness, no hatred of all that is good or holy) except that he just WAS a vampire.  It was awesome.